"Solving the puzzle of government contracting"

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One-On-One Business Counseling

CT PTAP's experienced staff provides individualized, professional guidance to assist you in marketing your goods and/orservices to federal, state and local agencies. We assess your potential as a government contractor and provide counseling to maximize yourchances for success.

Bid-Match Services

Our free customized bid-match service identifies government bid opportunities that match your product or service and delivers these bidsto you daily via email.


CT PTAP assists in the preparation and proper submission of applications, certifications, registrations, etc. necessaryto do business with government agencies. There is no charge to register in government websites including the new System for AwardManagement (SAM) which includes Central Contractor Registration (CCR), Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) and Online Representations andCertifications (ORCA). Please check with us before paying a fee to any company regarding government contracting.

Bid and Proposal Preparation

CT PTAP provides guidance in the preparation of bids and proposals, including help with GSA Schedules, pricing historiesand technical information about part numbers, etc.

Post-Award Assistance

After contract award, CT PTAP provides assistance in contract administration areas such as quality system requirements,transportation and packaging, understanding specification and standards, invoicing, property, deliverables, etc.

Electronic Business (eBusiness) Information

Government is becoming more and more paperless. Bids, offers, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, payments, and other contractualdocuments are exchanged between businesses and government agencies via the Internet now rather than paper. CT PTAP providesthe necessary information and training about eBusiness tools and technologies required to work with the government.

Subcontracting Opportunities

CT PTAP assists clients in identifying subcontracting opportunities from prime contractors that have subcontractingplan obligations.

Laws and Regulations

CT PTAP educates clients about federal, state, and local government laws, policies, and procedures that governprocurement, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).


CT PTAP provides any other training that may directly assist clients in obtaining or performing on government contractsor subcontracts.

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